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Chain Mail Statement Pieces

These pieces were part of my resolve to try and make something a little more unique, although in saying that, they were inspired by some bridal wear I spotted while browsing etsy last year – such as this.

I’m sure you can see there’s a lot of potential for experimenting with the basic concept, and while my first two attempts aren’t quite as elaborate, I first wanted to get a feel for basic construction, where it might need support to sit the way I envision, and whether my first idea – a necklace with a “wrap” around the shoulders, was actually wearable for a decent length of time without becoming uncomfortable or continually displaced.

Obviously, I could still jazz this up quite a bit if I wanted to, but for my first attempt I wanted to keep it quite simple and used some pretty basic weaves in stainless steel. The diamond shape at the centre is Japanese 12-2, and the rest is European 4-in-1, interrupted with larger rings just for  a little extra interest, and to help match the two weaves with one another.

All in all, I consider it a success, as it sits the way I wanted it to. I also wore it around the house for a little while and was pleased it didn’t get cumbersome or shift around when I moved.  I also realised the chain that wraps around the shoulders can also go under the arms for a slightly different look, and used that to solve a problem I had when finishing off the next attempt.

I really didn’t have a set idea in mind when I started this, only that I wanted it to be more “interesting”. I started with making helm flowers in the purple, adapting them slightly (making the weave quite tight and firm, causing them to take on a more diamond shape). I ended up adding in the blue mobius rings after realising a chain with such a bold purple really needed something to break it up and contrast with, which the steel just doesn’t do. Ultimately, I just kind of threw ideas at it and kept what seemed to work!

What didn’t work was trying to make the lower chain sit at shoulder level – primarily because I’d used all the purple and blue rings doing what you can already see, and I couldn’t find something that would both complement them and keep it sitting higher up (the stainless steel one works, even though it only has one point of support, because it’s actually a lighter chain, and is balanced by equal weight at the back); plus, I really liked the way the lower chain zig-zags across the chest, and adding in more support would have meant it followed a rounder line like the necklace.

So, that’s a couple of the ideas I’ve been working on – I’d like to do something quite a bit more gothic with this idea…eventually!


Rainbow Dragonfly Chain Mail Bracelet

I’ve been working on a few new designs the last month or so, which I plan to post soon, but for the first post of 2013 I thought I’d go with something bright and colourful.

This piece is really centred around the clasp, which is one of those things I had to buy and then took me ages before I came up with an idea to use it. (I have a tendency to spend a lot of time just looking for interesting multi-strand clasps, then not quite knowing what to do with them to really set them off).

As it turned out, the bracelet is probably amongst the simplest pieces I’ve ever made, since the silver rings are closed and the weave is rather quick when two-thirds of the work is already done, not to mention they’re on the larger size, so less rings per cm (or inch).

The weave is European 6-1, and as you can see in the image below, the overall AR is quite high (the silver rings have an OD of 8mm and are about 1mm thick, and the anodized aluminium rings through the centre are 1.2mm thick with an ID of 6.35).

The overall effect of using a larger AR with this weave is that the rings take on a kind of zig-zag pattern when stretched out a little, as it is when worn – something which I think is quite effective with the multiple colours and I’m hoping to use that to my advantage with a peacock inspired colour scheme in the near future.