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Olivia Byzantine Pendants with Green Indian Agate

I’ve been wanting to incorporate more bead-work into my chain mail jewellery so decided to try wrapping a single bead with the Olivia Byzantine weave. Initially, I planned to make several of the beads surrounded by the chain mail and link them together for a bracelet, but as it turned out I didn’t quite have enough rings to do it, so they became the base for pendants instead.

I used 4mm plated copper wire rings and 6mm Indian agate beads, plus plated copper wire to make the pins and alloy bead caps.

The green is quite murky in both the dark and light shades (almost khaki), but I think it looks quite lovely when contrasted with silver and ultimately makes for an elegant necklace (or earrings, which I probably would have done if I had found four well-matching shades in my bead supply).

My photography isn’t the greatest, but you get the general idea.