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Spiked Full Persian Lariat – Tutorial & Kits


This is a new version of a design for a piece I made a while ago, using bright aluminium with spike adornments.

The tutorial for this piece has been published in the third issue of Digital Beading magazine, and once again Aussie Maille have pre-made kits available, which contain all the materials you need to replicate it.


My thanks once again to Kelly (Digital Beading) and Deb (Aussie Maille), for all the work that goes into making these available.


Butterfly Weave Bracelet Tutorial Now Available Separately

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the butterfly weave bracelet tutorial is now available for purchase via Aussie Maille (and Etsy). The tutorials have been formatted by Deb from AM in a very neat, easy to follow style, and come as a downloadable pdf.


Butterfly Bracelet & Earrings Tutorial Published

I just wanted to let everyone know that a project tutorial I put together for these pieces was recently published in Digital Beading magazine. It’s quite a simple weave to do, so suitable for beginners.

The magazine can be purchased for just AU$4.95, which is a very small price to pay for 158 pages – for the maillers, it also includes a tutorial for a gorgeous beaded European 4-in-1 bracelet by Deb from Aussie Maille. Click here to check out the mag!

Kits for these pieces are also available to purchase from Aussie Maille, with a variety of colours to choose from. Click here for the bracelet, and here for the earrings.  To check out the beaded bracelet kit, click here.

While you’re at it, check out Aussie Maille’s new blog, sure to be a great place to keep up with all things maille-related.

My thanks to Kelly Nealon, Digital Beading’s editor, for putting it all together, and to Deb from Aussie Maille for supplying the materials for the project and making the kits.

Showing Off (Just A Little)

am banner

I was thrilled and honoured recently when the banner shown above featuring two of my pieces (the copper and stainless steel dragonscale bracelet and the orange Japanese 12-2 choker), became the banner for Aussie Maille’s Facebook page.

It’ll only be up for a little while, but there’s a series of banners planned to show off the excellent work of a great mailling community, not to mention an awesome maille supplies store – I buy all my square wire rings from Aussie Maille, and the quality of the anodized aluminium rings are first-class (beautifully cut, even colouring and no burs – lovely to work with and they look great). They also have the best tutorial for Half Persian 4-in-1 I’ve come across, very uncomplicated and easy to understand.

My sincere thanks to Aussie Maille for featuring my work.

Banner is ©Aussie Maille and used with permission.

Feature Interview

For anyone who may be interested, a feature interview was recently published where a wrote a little about my journey will mailing, over on Creating My Way To Success, a crafting blog by Jill.

You can read the feature here. My thanks to Jill for the work involved in co-ordinating it.

The blog is choc-full of interesting things to read, so be sure to check out the rest of the site while you’re there.