Chain Mail Jewellery & Accessories by Angie Mack

Showing Off (Just A Little)

am banner

I was thrilled and honoured recently when the banner shown above featuring two of my pieces (the copper and stainless steel dragonscale bracelet and the orange Japanese 12-2 choker), became the banner for Aussie Maille’s Facebook page.

It’ll only be up for a little while, but there’s a series of banners planned to show off the excellent work of a great mailling community, not to mention an awesome maille supplies store – I buy all my square wire rings from Aussie Maille, and the quality of the anodized aluminium rings are first-class (beautifully cut, even colouring and no burs – lovely to work with and they look great). They also have the best tutorial for Half Persian 4-in-1 I’ve come across, very uncomplicated and easy to understand.

My sincere thanks to Aussie Maille for featuring my work.

Banner is ©Aussie Maille and used with permission.


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