Chain Mail Jewellery & Accessories by Angie Mack

Redesigning Old Work


Several months ago, I purchased a bunch of white and purple AA rings, intending to make some snowflake units. That didn’t quite pan out (an AWG vs SWG issue with the rings sizes I bought), so I learned the butterfly weave shown above. (Still yet to get around to actually making snowflakes!)

This choker was one of my favourite pieces in its original form (shown below), as it was probably one of the first things I made that I was personally impressed with.


As you can probably guess, I have a bit of a thing for purple (in various shades), but despite the fact that it was something I’d definitely wear myself, no one else seemed to think it was all that great, so I decided to give it a makeover – I switched the bright aluminium for black, took off the crystals and added the heart and wing pendants, and voila, a slightly darker, more Gothic looking piece.

The difference isn’t overly dramatic, but I think it’s an improvement and it just goes to show that some pieces can take months before they’re truly finished (if they ever are!)



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